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Siblings Day

So I feel like such a noob for not writing a blog on siblings day…but then again, every day is a great day to thank your sibling for being awesome. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

The story of my sister Stephanie is quite the unique one. She was born five and a half years before I was, and I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t quite thrilled about me coming in. Why? Well, we all know what happens to the first born—-they ain’t that first born anymore. I mean, they are, but you know what I mean.

So I come in, thinking I’m the coolest baby EVA, and my sister is like WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. 

So first reason why she’s awesome? Because she loved me once I came in the world even though that meant less attention for her. 

Second reason why she’s awesome is because she made me tough. When I tell you this little skinny thing I call my big sister would knock me around and make me feel super not-awesome—i ain’t lying. She made me tough, and that has helped me like no other—-and I thank her for that.

Third reason why she’s awesome—-because she still continues to challenge me as a sister, a friend, and a plain old human being. Being my big sister, we are always going to be competitive against each other (including tennis, maybe not now but back in the day :-) So that means that whatever we may be doing, talking about, she’s constantly challenging me. It makes me sharp, quick on my feet, and allows me not to take anything for granted. She also helps not take any crap from anyone—-and I mean, at the end of the day, who wants poop? 

And the fourth reason why she’s awesome? Because she loves me. And she’s my sister. And no matter what happens, she’s always going to be my sister. No matter what.

And for that Stephanie, I thank you.

Thank for being my sister. You’re awesome and I love you.

Happy siblings day.

Holla at yo sistah