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Social norms…which turns into just society’s point of view in general…sigh

Is there such a thing?

So I’m totally talking with the coolest cat in town right now, Travis Lee Hartman, my bffffff, and we’re discussing social norms.

What people deem normal. What is normal?

I mean, to goths, goths are normal. To billionaires, billions of dollars is normal. To tennis players, the sport of tennis is normal. How can we be in a society where our span of life and the world is so absolutely minute, to the point where anything and anyone can be considered normal/abnormal?

Let’s say movies. 

You have a friend…Says this movie is terrible. You still watch the movie. But, you go in there already having a somewhat predisposed opinion of the movie, which you had nothing to do with. So you go watch the movie, which you actually think is good, but in the back of your head, you’re thinking “hey, my friend said it was bad, it must be bad.”

no people! everyone is different. everyone is normal.

sure there’s argument in that, but you cannot fault people…bah i’ve gone too far. yawn.