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randomsies to you and notes to myself

music suggestions for all of you ladies and gents: Flume, Melody Gardot, and major props to Diana Krall and Sade

book suggestions: Shantaram. must read both women and gentlemen (even though some might say it’s more of a MAN’S book. ha!)

places to visit suggestions: Gracetown, margaret river, australia….montego bay, inks lake state park

foods to eat: falafel…rocket…shallots..goji berries…chia…and wheatgrass

drank to drank: pokka sports water (japanese)

restaurant to try for eat in, take out, and delivery: crust…is it only australian?

newest hobbies: postcard collector…. i’ve gotten some pretty unique ones…i’ve started doing my nails due to my constant nail biting addiction….i’ve started writing lots and lots of emails…i’ve also grown accustomed to speak on the phone. who would thought that last one…and last but not least, i’ve started studying the world map. get those geography skills above par…



Living out in the wild

Currently staying in an amazing house, in the deep woods of margaret river. i would give you directions but i guarantee you wouldn’t make it. 

you have your own private beach, about a 15 min walk from the house…unlimited grapefruits and oranges, egg providing hens, and some pretty awesome views. you have the sunset in the evening, followed by the amazing array of stars at night. it’s sick.

anyway, story for the blog? how amazing is it to live away from everything? i just told my boyfriend that that’s what we need to do. i mean, at the end of the day, we need to become closer with nature, isn’t that right? i’m not trying to get religious, psycho anything here, i’m just stating the fact that we really need to be more aware of our true mother…in that whole metaphorical sense…

away from the smoke, the pollution, the crowded spaces, the sometimes irritable souls—-it’s almost like an escape. except it’s not a drug—-it’s a home. your home should be your escape, whether it’s from work, from a sport, from anything. you should make it your oasis. i guess that’s the whole reason for this blog. 

i’m really enjoying myself in australia…as it should be…



what do you guys want to know

i'm just curious:
what exactly do followers like to read on these tennis player blogs? more interested in the day to day, or the stuff that goes in my brain whilst playing? or or or or?

Life after tennis

Realizing more and more every day, that there really is a life after tennis.

So many gateways and opportunities are born through this sport—-but so many girls fail to take full advantage of that. Whether it’s to market yourself, or to provide yourself with something legit after tennis, too many girls are forgetting that. 

I’m not saying to necessarily get an education, but heck, it’s not a bad idea. There’s a new and amazing program that the WTA Tour has provided for the girls called iLearn. They’ve teamed up with a university online to help girls finish their college and master’s degree. And guess what? It’s like 75 percent off regular price if you get a C or above. 

pretty sure you can’t beat that. 

Website idea

I would really like to create a site that has all the essential up to date information for that day, to feel like you are actually up to date with your environment and world.

i get how newspapers do the whole news thing, but what i’m saying is that there are always going to be tidbits of information that the news doesn’t provide you. 

i’m thinking it would be genius…because you could just get on there, and feel like, “hey, i’m really happy i know that…”

whether it’s something that is talked about at all that day, it’ll still be informational, and educational obviously. hmmm, i wonder how long it would take to write that…maybe it could be cool where it’s just an ongoing paragraph…hmmm, ideas ideas. 

we use so little of our brain. anybody hear about this show about this guy that is trying to use his brain to do everything? there was a commercial about it, and in the commercial he was totally locked up with all these chains and whatnot, and was going to use his brain to get himself free……

just tried to look up the link to provide ya’ll with , but came up with this instead:


I’ve got so many ideas

I just came up with a really good pitch for a show…it could go on forever that’s how good it is…Anybody know someone from FOX/ABC/Anything that would like to hear me out?

I’m also publishing a book. Pretty excited about it :-)



Seriously…my so called government has shut down…

I don’t…I mean…

is this bigger news that GTA 5 AND Miley Cyrus??????


To publish, or not to publish---that's NOT the question

I know this is going to be a shot in the dark, but any of you know of a good publisher for my soon to be amazing tennis memoirs/advice/tips and tricks of the trade book?
duh i'm gonna publish, duh
That awkward moment when you hide someone’s comment, and Facebook asks you to give that person ‘feedback’
motha from another motha

just realized i have 26 followers.